The command is used to gather or modify the content of an header stored in the cache.


CACHE::header value <name>
CACHE::header exists <name> <value>
CACHE::header remove <name> <value>
CACHE::header insert <name> <value>
CACHE::header replace <name> <value>

CACHE::header value <name>

  • List the content of the related header . Note that prior to BIG-IP version 12.0.0, a syntax of “CACHE::header <name>” was also supported, but is now deprecated in favour of “CACHE::header value <name>”.

CACHE::header exists <name>

  • Returns true if the header <name> exists

CACHE::header remove <name>

  • Removes the header <name>

CACHE::header insert <name> <value>

  • Add the header with the content to the list of headers sent to the client when delivering an object from the cache.

CACHE::header replace <name> <value>

  • Replace the content of the header <name> by the value provided in <value>.


   CACHE::header insert X-Via F5-Local-Cache
   CACHE::header replace Server Big-IP-Server