This iRule command is useful for when it is necessary to know the category or safesearch parameters returned during the categorization in the Category Lookup Agent in the per-request policy. As opposed to CATEGORY::lookup and CATEGORY::safesearch, which each require an additional query to the categorization engine, CATEGORY::result will give back what was found and stored, eliminating the need for additional lookups.
Choose which should be returned (either “category” or “safesearch”). If “category”, additional specifications may apply: “-display” will return categories in display name format. “custom”, “request_default”, or “request_default_and_custom” maybe be used to return respectively ONLY custom categories, ONLY database default categories, or both custom and default categories.


CATEGORY::result (('category' ('-display')? ('custom' | 'request_default' | 'request_default_and_custom')?) | 'safesearch')

CATEGORY::result ((‘category’ (‘-display’)? (‘custom’ | ‘request_default’ | ‘request_default_and_custom’)?) | ‘safesearch’)

Return Value

Returns a list of categories or safe search parameters. Return format is the same as CATEGORY::lookup and CATEGORY::safesearch.

Valid During



     set cat [CATEGORY::result category -display request_default_and_custom]
     log local0. "Category result retrieved: [lindex $cat 0]"
     set ss [CATEGORY::result safesearch]
     log local0. "Safe Search result retrieved: [lindex $ss 0], [lindex $ss 1]"

Change Log


  • First introduced the command.


Requires successful Category Lookup Agent in the per-request policy.

See Also

CATEGORY::lookup CATEGORY::safesearch

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