Make a call to a method defined within the plugin extension referenced by the handle. Provide the method with the arguments listed in ARGS, do not continue processing the iRule until a response is received. If the node method returns a javascript array or dictionary then a Tcl list object is returned from


Deprecated in BIG-IP Next v20.0.1

, otherwise a Tcl string object is returned.
The default timeout value is 3000ms. Use the ‘-timeout’ flag to modify this.
Note: Whereas the ILX commands were introduced in 12.0, they were not available until 12.1 without an EA license.


ILX::call <ILX handle> [-timeout n] <method> [optional arg]+

n is in milliseconds

Return Value

The return value is the argument passed to response.reply() call on the extension side (eg. an array, a string, etc).

Valid During



     # Get a handle to the running extension instance to call into.
     set RPC_HANDLE [ILX::init my_plugin my_extension]
     # Make the call and store the response in $rpc_response
     set rpc_response [ILX::call $RPC_HANDLE my_js_function arg1 arg2]

Change Log

  • Introduced: BIGIP-12.0
  • Deprecated: BIGIP-20.0.1

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