Creates a handle for future use by ILX::call and ILX::notify. This handle is a reference to a running ILX plugin extension. The lifetime of this variable affects the behavior of the ILX target if controlled by BIG-IP. Instances of the plugin extension will be held in draining mode as long as there are open references to the ILX handle in any event.
Sends a message to the specified node method but does not wait for the method to complete before returning.
is returned if the message was successfully queued. Any other return value indicates the message could not be queued.
Note: Whereas ILX commands were introduced in 12.0, they were not available until 12.1 without an EA license.


Deprecated in BIG-IP Next v20.0.1


ILX::notify [ILX handle] [method] [optional arg]+

Valid During



Change Log

  • Introduced: BIGIP-12.0
  • Deprecated: BIGIP-20.0.1

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