LTM sorry page image when no pool members available

Contributed by: citizen_elah


Return sorry page with text & images by simply creating an image of the sorry page to return when no pool members are available to the virtual
1) Create the image of the sorry page with a screen capture tool 2) Encode the image at 3) Remove newlines from the string ( in vi, :%s/n//g ) 4) Save string to a file on LTM: /var/class/sorrypage.class 5) Create a class to reference the file (see below) 6) Creat a rule to send sorry page when no pool members are available (see below) 7) Apply rule to virtual 8) Disable the pool members attached to your vip, then attempt to connect to it, you should see the sorry page.


iRule Source

# Class
   b class sorrypage_class extern'{
      type string
      filename "/var/class/sorrypage.class

# Rule
   b rule sorrypage_rule '{
      when HTTP_REQUEST {
         if {[active_members myPool] == 0} {
            HTTP::respond 200 content [b64decode [lindex $::sorrypage_class 0]] "Content-Type" "image/png"

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