Controls the behavior of a server-side connection when a OneConnect profile is on the virtual server. The default behavior is that the server-side connection detaches after each response is completed, and a new load balancing decision and persistence look-up are performed for every request.
Disabling detaching prevents this behavior.
Note: the use of the terms “request” and “response” imply the presence of a supported layer 7 profile (e.g. the HTTP profile) on the virtual server. An iRule can also detaching the server-side connection using the LB::detach command.
Note that this command has no impact on whether or not the server-side connection will return to the idle connection pool when the client connection closes. The ONECONNECT::reuse command controls this behavior.


ONECONNECT::detach [enable | disable]

ONECONNECT::detach [enable | disable ]

  • When disabled, the server-side connection will not detach.
  • When enabled, the server-side connection detaches after each layer 7 transaction.


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