Sets the value of the Unclean Shutdown setting. This command only affects the current connection, and only affects the current context (e.g., when run in a client-side context, it only affects the current client-side connection).


SSL::unclean_shutdown <“enable” | “disable”>

SSL::unclean_shutdown <“enable” | “disable”>

  • Sets the value of the current client-side or server-side SSL connection’s Unclean Shutdown setting.


# Note that for this iRule, unclean shutdown should be disabled in the clientssl profile
  if { [HTTP::header "User-Agent"] contains "MSIE" } {
    SSL::unclean_shutdown enable

Note: There is an issue where clientssl profiles that have unclean shutdown enabled (which is the default) cannot have it disabled via this iRule command. This issue is tracked as CR 125443. It can be worked around by disabling unclean shutdown in the clientssl profile and using this iRule command to enable it as needed.