The XML related events sit on top of HTTP, TCP, or SSL and parse the incoming document. The rules exposed will allow users to extract the XML data and make routing decisions based on the content.
NOTE: The features contained in this namespace require an EA (Early Access) license to be accessed. These commands will not function if your system does not have this license installed. For more information about obtaining the necessary license to access these features, please contact your sales representative. For more information, read about the LicenseDetails
Note: All XML commands and events except for the XML_CONTENT_BASED_ROUTING event (introduced in 10.2) are unavailable beginning in v10.
The other events and commands are no more available since v10. They are still detailed here, for v9.

Command List

  • XML::address - Queries the elements of a WS-Addressing header within a SOAP message.
  • XML::collect - Collects and parses incoming XML data.
  • XML::element - Returns the name of the current in-scope XML element.
  • XML::event - Returns the event name of the current context.
  • XML::eventid - Returns the key used to register the current XML event.
  • XML::parse - Disables all future XML parsing.
  • XML::release - Releases the collected XML data.
  • XML::soap - Returns information about the current SOAP message.
  • XML::subscribe - Subscribes to a specified category of XML events.

Event List

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