How to: Configure multi-tenancy for BIG-IP Next on VELOS


  • Multi-tenancy
    The ability to run more than one BIG-IP Next tenant on a blade.
    Do NOT deploy Classic BIG-IP and BIG-IP Next tenants in the same partition/blade.

    Important: Irrespective of multi/single tenant, on HA set up, the tenant name must be the same for the active and standby tenants on both chassis.

  • Support numbers for multi-tenants
    For VELOS deployments, there is a maximum of 8 vCPUs on a blade, either:

    • Two 4 vCPU BIG-IP Next tenants per blade

    • One 8 vCPU BIG-IP Next tenant per blade

  • VLANs
    It is possible to reuse internal and external VLANs across tenants.

    Data plane and control plane VLANs must be different for setting up HA.


Configuring multi-tenancy is the same as How to: Install BIG-IP Next tenant on VELOS.

Example 1: HA set up with shared VLANs

Share internal and external VLANs


Example 2: HA set up with no sharing of VLANs


Networks VLAN names VLAN tags
Control Plane HA-1 ha-cp-vlan-1 1000
Data Plane HA-1 ha-dp-vlan-1 2000
Data Plane External-1 internal-vlan-1 3000
Data Plane Internal-1 external-vlan-1 4000
Control Plane HA-2 ha-cp-vlan-2 5000
Data Plane HA-2 ha-dp-vlan2 6000
Data Plane External-2 internal-vlan-2 7000
Data Plane Internal-2 external-vlan-2 8000