About BIG-IP Next iRules ValidationΒΆ

BIG-IP Next validates the iRule to check the syntax and semantics required to be configured on BIG-IP Next. Validations support a successful migration of iRules and Traffic Policies from BIG-IP to BIG-IP Next.

BIG-IP Next validates the iRules against the .jet validation mechanism and returns a boolean to the Control Plane indicating the iRules validation status. If validation is successful, you can query the API to see whether the iRule has been accepted and is ready to be deployed, the BIG-IP Next returns the response. An appropriate error message is returned on validation failure.

BIG-IP Next does validation in three phases:

  • Syntax Validation: Provides syntax validation for iRules in new go-lang to validate the new commands as well as the commands in the BIG-IP. The validation checks for syntax errors during configuration and provides alerts to the errors. Once the syntax issues are corrected, the iRules can be configured on the application.

  • Semantic Validation: Performs checks on the objects or events referenced in the iRules to verify that they exist.

  • Referential Integrity: Performs cross-object validation, that is, all objects referenced from an iRule should exist within the configuration. All when events triggered by an iRule must have the corresponding profiles and filters to cause them to be triggered.