How To: Deploy a service to a BIG-IP Instance using CM APIsΒΆ

After a Service is created in the Central Manager, you can deploy the service to multiple BIG-IP Next instances using the GUI or APIs. The configuration will be deployed to all the selected BIG-IP Next instances.

Note: Before deploying the service, if you want to change any network configuration for a specific instance, refer to the steps here, How to: Configure Instance Specific Network Settings using CM APIs

To deploy a service to multiple instances:

  1. Send a POST request to the /v1/spaces/default/security/inspection-services/{id}/deployment endpoint.

    POST //{{CM}}/api/v1/spaces/default/security/inspection-services/{id}/deployment

    Note: The inspectionService_ID is generated in response to request to create a service.

    For the API body, use the following example, substituting appropriate instance IDs of the instances to which you want to deploy the service.



  • The L1 network must be created as part of BIG-IP Onboarding else the deployment will fail.

  • If any networks (VRFs) are not available on the instance, the networks are auto generated at the time of deployment based on the network requirements.