How to: Enable Data Guard Blocking

In this example, we enable the data guard violation in blocking mode. In the detailed configuration, we enable enforcement of data guard and specify which items are being protected against information leakage. Note that if blocking is enabled, data masking will have no effect in this case.

    "policy": {
        "name": "dataguard_blocking",
        "template": {
            "name": "POLICY_TEMPLATE_RATING_BASED"
        "applicationLanguage": "utf-8",
        "enforcementMode": "blocking",
        "blocking-settings": {
            "violations": [
                    "name": "VIOL_DATA_GUARD",
                    "alarm": true,
                    "block": true
        "data-guard": {
            "enabled": true,
            "maskData": true,
            "creditCardNumbers": true,
            "usSocialSecurityNumbers": true,
            "enforcementMode": "ignore-urls-in-list",
            "enforcementUrls": []