mv(1)							BIG-IP TMSH Manual						     mv(1)

       mv command - Renames or moves a TMOS(tm) configuration object.

       All tmsh modules.

       Use the mv command within a tmsh module to move or rename the component that resides in that module. To move a component
       that resides in another module, use the full path to the component.

	mv [component] [source] [destination]
	mv / [module...module] [component] [source] [destination]

       You must provide a unique name for the source and destination of the move operation.

       WARNING Currently MV is an experimental feature. By using this feature, you may be subject to loss of statistics and
       disruption in GTM service. If you plan to move or rename a Virtual Server, please contact your GTM administrator before
       doing so. You may enable this feature by setting the appropriate db variable. This can be done by issuing the command:

       modify /sys db mcpd.mvenabled value true

       This will turn on the feature and allow moving and rename of select objects through TMSH only. Once you have finished using
       the feature, we recommend disabling it once again. You may do this by issuing the following command:

       modify /sys db mcpd.mvenabled value false

       Please use responsibly.

       mv cm device bigip seattle32

       Renames the device named bigip to seattle32.

       mv ltm pool mypool myotherpool

       Renames the LTM Pool named mypool to myotherpool.

       mv ltm pool /Common/by/mypool /Common/myotherpool /Common/sub/mythirdpool to-folder /Partition2/sub1

       Moves the 3 pools in 3 different locations named mypool, myotherpool and mythirdpool into a single folder in another

	    Specifies the folder to move the item or items into.

	    Specifies the type of the component that you want to move.

	    Specifies a unique name for the component.

	    Specifies the module within which the component that you want to move resides.

	    Specifies the component to be moved.


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       F5 Networks and BIG-IP (c) Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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