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apm resource sandbox(1) 				BIG-IP TMSH Manual				   apm resource sandbox(1)

       sandbox - Configures a sandbox.

       apm resource

       Configure the sandbox component within the resource module using the syntax shown in the following sections.

       The CREATE command is currently not available. However, a number of sandboxes have already been created. Use these to
       upload files.

	modify sandbox [name]
	    base-uri [string]
	    description [[string] | none]
	    files [add | delete | modify | replace-all-with] {
	      [item name] {
		content-type [string]
		filename [string]
		file-type [citrix-bundle | customization | unknown]
		folder [string]
		local-path [string]
		name [string]

	list sandbox
	list sandbox [ [ [name] | [glob] | [regex] ] ... ]

       Configures a sandbox and its files. A sandbox is a container for files stored on the BIG-IP, to which you want to provide
       client access.

       modify sandbox hosted-content files add { BIGIPEdgeClient.exe { folder /client local-path /tmp/BIGIPEdgeClient.exe } }

       Adds a file called BIGIPEdgeClient.exe to sandbox named hosted-content. The virtual path to this file consists of the
       sandbox's base-uri, the file's folder, and the name of the file. Putting these components together, the virtual path for
       the uploaded file is /public/share/client/BIGIPEdgeClient.exe, where /public/share is the base-uri, /client is the folder,
       and BIGIPEdgeClient.exe is the filename. The local-path indicates the location of the file on the disk drive to be added
       into the sandbox.

       Note: The file you add must already be on the BIG-IP system.

	    Specifies the first component of the virtual path to the sandbox file. The base-uri for sandbox "hosted-content" is
	    /public/share. The virtual path to a sandbox box file is made up of three components: base-uri/folder/filename

	    All files in a sandbox share the same base-uri, but the folder can be different for each file.

	    Specifies a unique description about the sandbox.

	    Specifies the list of files in the sandbox.

       item name
	    Specifies the name of an item in the list of files. You can use the original filename as the item name. Each item name
	    in a sandbox must be unique.

	    Specifies the content-type field in a HTTP header such as "image/gif" or "text/plain". If none is provided, tmsh will
	    try its best to provide this value.

	    Specifies the last component of the virtual path to the sandbox file. We recommend that you use the filename of the
	    original file for this name.

	    Specifies the F5 file type. Currently there are only three types: unknown, citrix-bundle, and customization. No value
	    is required if a file is uploaded to sandbox for "citrix-client-bundle", since this sandbox is the repositories for F5
	    specific type of file. However, for files uploaded to sandbox "hosted-content" if no value is provided, the file type
	    defaults to "unknown".

	    Specifies the second component of the virtual path to the sandbox file.

	    Specifies the location of the file to be inserted into the sandbox. This file must be on the BIG-IP already.

       name Specifies a value for the underlying file object. Use this only if you are trying to add more than one sandbox file in
	    a modify command. Otherwise, don't specify a value for this attribute. The value must be specified as follows: full
	    path of sandbox name:item name. For example, if the sandbox name is '/Common/hosted-content' and the item name is
	    'index.html', the value should be '/Common/hosted-content:index.html'.

       webtop, webtop-link

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       use, without the express written permission of F5 Networks, Inc.

       F5 Networks and BIG-IP (c) Copyright 2011, 2013, 2016. All rights reserved.

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