sys aomΒΆ

sys aom(1)						BIG-IP TMSH Manual						sys aom(1)

       aom - Manages Always On Management subsystem


       Manages the Always On Management(AOM) subsystem when used with the syntax below.

	aom list

	aom [ readonly | webui | media-redirection | vkvm | ipmi ] [ enabled | disabled ]

       You can use the aom component to manage the AOM access for the system. All AOM controls are disabled by default.  These
       commands are not supported on all platforms.

       readonly reduces the AOM menu to status only, the AOM cannot be used to change the system.

       webui controls access to the AOM web services, when enabled this opens port 443 on the AOM for HTTPS. This option is not
       available on all platforms.

       media-redirection controls if the AOM can access a virtual media server to allow the user to mount a file or iso image from
       a remote system to the AOM. Only allowed when webui is enabled. Media-redirection opens up ports 5120/5124(CDMEDIA)
       5122/5126(FDMEDIA) and 5123/5127(HDMEDIA) on the AOM.  This option is not available on all platforms.

       vkvm controls AOM webui Virtual Keyboard, Video and Mouse redirection. Only allowed when webui is enabled. This opens up
       port 7578/7582.	This option is not available on all platforms.

       ipmi controls ipmi access over LAN. When enabled ipmi commands into the AOM over the network port 623(IPMI) and
       52123(SSHSOL) are allowed.

       list sys aom all-properties

       Displays aom configuration.

       modify sys aom ipmi enabled

       Allows IPMI access into the Always On Management subsystem.

       modify, list, tmsh

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