sys crypto ca-bundle-managerΒΆ

sys crypto ca-bundle-manager(1) 			BIG-IP TMSH Manual			   sys crypto ca-bundle-manager(1)

       ca-bundle-manager - Certificate Authority (CA) certificate bundle manager on the BIG-IP(r) system.

       sys crypto

       A ca-bundle-manager manages cryptographic ca-bundles using the syntax given in the following sections.

	 create ca-bundle-manager [name]
	 modify ca-bundle-manager [name]
	     description [string]
	       [add | delete | replace-all-with] ] {
		  [cert file obj] ...
	       [add | delete | replace-all-with] ] {
		  [url] ...
	       [add | delete | replace-all-with] ] {
		  [cert file obj] ...
	       [add | delete | replace-all-with] ] {
		  [url] ...
	     proxy-server [ [hostname] | [ipv4] | [ipv6] ]
	     proxy-port [ port number ]
	     trusted-ca-bundle [certificate file object]
	     update-interval [days]
	     time-out [seconds]
	     update-now [yes | no]

	 list ca-bundle-manager [name]

	 delete ca-bundle-manager [name]

       You can use the ca-bundle-manager component to automatically update and install CA-bundles on the system from two sources -
       local certificate file objects and remote URL resources, using set include/exclude operations. The set include/exclude
       operations are equivalent to mathematical set addition/subtraction operations. For example, the user may use include-bundle
       and include-url options to combine CA-certificates from various sources, and use exclude-bundle and exclude-url options to
       remove certain CA-certificates from the final CA-bundle file. The generated CA-bundle file will be installed as a
       certificate-file-object on the system, and used as trusted CA-bundle by other modules. Additionally, the user may set the
       update frequency of the CA-bundle, or use web proxy for downloading the remote URL resources. By default, a newly created
       CA-bundle manager does not create or update the managed CA-bundle object unless it has a positive update interval or being
       explicitly told to do so by the update-now option. Additionally, the calculated CA-bundle must contain at least two CA
       certificates to be installed on the system.

       modify sys crypto ca-bundle-manager bmgr include-bundle add { ca-bundle.crt } include-url add { } trusted-ca-bundle trusted-ca-chain.crt update-interval 30

       Creates a ca-bundle-manager bmgr from two sources, one is a locally installed certificate file object ca-bundle.crt, and
       the other is from remote URL resource using trusted CA bundle .
       bmgr is refreshed from the two sources every 30 days.

       modify sys crypto ca-bundle-manager bmgr update-now yes

       Extending from above example, this command triggers an immediate update of the generated ca-bundle from its sources.

       list sys crypto ca-bundle-manager bmgr -hidden

       Shows all the properties of the ca-bundle-manager bmgr, including the hidden fields.

       delete sys crypto ca-bundle-manager bmgr

       Deletes the ca-bundle-manager bmgr from the system. Note that the generated ca-bundle certificate file object is not
       removed, and can still be used.

	    Specifies user defined description.

	    Specifies a list of certificate file objects to include for generating the new ca-bundle.

	    Specifies a list of remote ca-bundles at the URLs to include for generating the new ca-bundle.

	    Specifies a list of certificate file objects to exclude from the new ca-bundle.

	    Specifies a list of remote ca-bundles at the URLs to exclude from the new ca-bundle.

       partition Displays the administrative partition within which this ca-bundle-manager resides.
       proxy-server Specifies the host name or IP address of the proxy server for accessing remote URL resources. Only HTTP proxy
       is supported. Optional http:// may be prepended.
       proxy-port Specifies the port number of the proxy server for accessing remote URL resources. Default is 3128.
	    Specifies the trusted CA certificate bundle when downloading ca-bundles from the other URLs.

	    Specifies the update interval in days to refresh the remote ca-bundles at the URLs. Default value is 0, which means
	    the generated ca-bundle is not dynamically updated.

	    Specifies the time-out period in seconds to download the remote ca-bundles at the URLs. The value ranges between 1 and
	    3600 (1 hour). The default value is 8 seconds.

	    Specifies whether the ca-bundle-manager should immediately refresh its generated ca-bundle from all its sources and
	    recalculate its certificate contents. The default value is no.

	    Specifies a read-only attribute from which this ca-bundle-manager was last updated.

	    Specifies a read-only attribute, which indicates the ca-bundle certificate file object name, managed by this ca-

       create, list, modify, delete, tmsh

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