sys crypto fips external-hsmΒΆ

sys crypto fips external-hsm(1) 			BIG-IP TMSH Manual			   sys crypto fips external-hsm(1)

       external-hsm - Configures parameters for external HSM FIPS hardware.

       sys crypto fips

       You can use the external-hsm command to set parameters about the HSM vendor
	name and the password to login to the external HSM hardware.

       Configures FIPS external-hsm within the sys crypto fips module using the syntax in the following section.

	create external-hsm
	modify external-hsm vendor [thales | safenet | auto | none]
	modify external-hsm password [password]
	modify external-hsm pkcs11-lib-path [path to pkcs#11 library provided by the vendor]
	modify external-hsm num-threads [no. of threads]

	list external-hsm
	list external-hsm vendor
	list external-hsm password
	list external-hsm pkcs11-lib-path
	list external-hsm num-threads

	delete external-hsm

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       photocopying, recording, or information storage and retrieval systems, for any purpose other than the purchaser's personal
       use, without the express written permission of F5 Networks, Inc.

BIG-IP							    2018-02-08				   sys crypto fips external-hsm(1)