sys crypto fips keyΒΆ

sys crypto fips key(1)					BIG-IP TMSH Manual				    sys crypto fips key(1)

       key - Manage FIPS keys

       sys crypto fips

       Manage cryptographic keys within the sys crypto fips module using the syntax in the following section.

	show key [key ID]

	delete key [key ID]

       You can use the key component to show and delete cryptographic keys contained in the FIPS hardware.

       show key

       Displays the list of all private keys stored in the FIPS hardware and their meta-data.

       show key bef8221fd25a27cda51b3904bc2f5fb8

       Displays information specifically about the FIPS key with the key ID "bef8221fd25a27cda51b3904bc2f5fb8".

       show key field-fmt

       Displays, in field format, information about private keys stored in the FIPS hardware.

       show key all-properties

       Displays all information about the FIPS contained private keys, including: handle, a numerical value used by the FIPS
       hardware to identify individual keys; modulus-length, the cryptographic modulus length of the key; and modulus, the modulus
       associated with the key, displayed as a string of hex octets separated by colons.

       show key include-public-keys

       Displays the list of all private and public keys stored in the FIPS hardware and their meta-data. Note that public keys are
       not displayed by default and need not exist for normal operation of FIPS hardware.

       delete key bef8221fd25a27cda51b3904bc2f5fb8

       Deletes the FIPS key with the key ID "bef8221fd25a27cda51b3904bc2f5fb8" from the system.


       Specifies that public keys should be selected for output in addition to private.

       For information about the options that you can use with the command show, see help show.

       show, delete, tmsh

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