sys disk application-volumeΒΆ

sys disk application-volume(1)				BIG-IP TMSH Manual			    sys disk application-volume(1)

       application-volume - Configures an application volume instance.

       sys disk

       Configure the application-volume component in the sys disk module using the syntax shown in the following sections.

	show application-volume [name]
	list application-volume [name]

	delete application-volume [name]

       The application-volume component provides better granularity for managing disks. Physical disks can now be shared by
       several application-volumes. An application-volume is physically confined to one logical disk. The visibility of the
       application-volume can be confined to a particular software volume set or it can be global. No application-volume
       properties are allowed to be modified through tmsh or iControl(r) interfaces.

       delete application-volume mysqldb_MD1.3

       Deletes an application-volume named mysqldb_MD1.3.

       show application-volume mysqldb_MD1.3

       Displays the configuration details of the application-volume mysqldb_MD1.3 in a table.

       logical-disk [name]
	    Specifies the name of the logical disk in which the application-volume will be created.

       owner [unassigned/datastor/mysql/vcmp]
	    Specifies the owner for which this application-volume is assigned. unassigned - is the default option and means the
	    volume is not in use and nobody owns it.

       preservability [discardable/precious]
	    Specifies the if application-volume can be discarded by software (for example, during module provisioning).
	    discardable - is the default option.

       resizeable [false/true]
	    Specifies the if application-volume can potentially be resized. false - is the default option.

       size [integer]
	    Specifies the size of the application-volume.

       volume-set-visibility-restraint [name]
	    Specifies the name of the volume set to which the application-volume is constrained, if any.

       delete, show, list, tmsh, sys provision, sys disk logical-disk

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