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sys disk logical-disk(1)				BIG-IP TMSH Manual				  sys disk logical-disk(1)

       logical-disk - Manages logical disks.

       sys disk

       Configure the logical-disk component in the sys disk module using the syntax shown in the following sections.

	modify logical-disk [name]
		       vg-reserved [integer]
		       mode [none/mixed/datastor]

	list logical-disk [name]

       The logical-disk component provides better granularity for managing disks. A physical disk can now be shared by one or more
       logical disks. A logical disk is physically confined to one physical disk.

       modify logical-disk foo mode mixed vg-reserved 200

       Modifies the logical disk foo mode property to mixed and the vg-reserved property size to 200 MiB.

       list logical-disk foo

       Displays the configuration details of the logical disk named foo.

       mode [none/mixed/datastor/control]
	    Specifies the current mode of the logical disk. The options are:

	    control - Indicates that the logical disk is part of a RAID array.
	    datastor - Indicates that the entire disk is committed to the datastor module.
	    mixed - Indicates that the disk contains multiple volumes for software and/or multiple volumes for application data.
	    none - Indicates that the disk is not in use. This is the default option.
       size [integer]
	    Specifies the size (MiB) of the logical disk.

       vg-free [integer]
	    Specifies the usable free space (MiB) available in the logical disk.

       vg-in-use [integer]
	    Specifies the total logical disk space (MiB) in use.

       vg-reserved [integer]
	    Specifies the reserved logical disk space (MiB). This space is NOT available for provisioning.

       modify, list, tmsh, sys provision, sys disk logical-disk

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