sys geoipΒΆ

sys geoip(1)						BIG-IP TMSH Manual					      sys geoip(1)

       geoip - Loads the GeoIP data files.


       Use the geoip component within the gtm module to load the GeoIP data files using the syntax in the following sections.

	load geoip

       The BIG-IP system ships with three default database files that are stored in the /usr/share/GeoIP/v2 directory. The three
       files are: F5GeoIP.dat, F5GeoIPISP.dat, and F5GeoIPv6.dat.

       You can download and install updated GeoIP database files using the procedure available from the F5 download site. The
       installation places the updated database files in the share/GeoIP/v2 directory.

       When you run the load geoip command sequence, the system loads the GeoIP files from disk into the running configuration. If
       you have downloaded and installed updated database files, those files are loaded from the /shared/GeoIP/v2 directory.
       Otherwise, the default database files are loaded from the /usr/share/GeoIP/v2 directory. Note that if both directories
       contain the same files, the files in shared/GeoIP/v2 are loaded.

       load geoip

       Loads the GeoIP files from disk into the running configuration.

       load, tmsh

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