sys icall publisherΒΆ

sys icall publisher(1)					BIG-IP TMSH Manual				    sys icall publisher(1)

       publisher - Show the services publishing events on a BIG-IP(r) system

       sys icall

       Show the available publishers within the sys icall module using the syntax shown in the following sections.

	show publisher [ field-fmt ]
	show publisher [ [ [name] | [glob] | [regex] ] ... ] [ field-fmt ]

       This command lets you display the publishers on the system, as well as the events that they publish and the contexts that
       those events are guaranteed to contain.

       By default these are shown in a tabular form; use the field-fmt option to show them in a format similar to listing other
       objects in tmsh.

       If a published event includes no contexts, then a single line will be shown with a - in the context column. If a publisher
       publishes no events, then a single line will be shown with a - in the event column.

	    By default, the events will be shown in a tabular format. This overrides the command to print the publishers in object
	    format like the list command does for other objects.

       show, tmsh, sys icall event, sys icall handler periodic, sys icall handler perpetual, sys icall handler triggered, sys
       icall istats-trigger, sys icall script

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