sys integrity status-checkΒΆ

sys integrity status-check(1)				BIG-IP TMSH Manual			     sys integrity status-check(1)

       status-check - Checks and verifies the integrity of the BIG-IP BIOS and kernel using the tpm-status utility.

       sys integrity

       Run a check on the system's integrity status in the sys integrity module by using the syntax below.

	 run status-check
	     -h Print help for the tpm-status command.
	     -c Attempt to continue after reaching an error.
	     -o  Output the PCR measurements to a given file after measurement. The file will be overwritten if pre-existing.
	     -a  Append the PCR measurements to a given file after measurement.
	     -v [0|1|2|3] Modify the verbosity of the tpm-status utility from 0 (not verbose) to 3 (very very verbose). Default value: 0.
	     -q Generates a file containing system information needed for Remote Attestation. File is located at /var/log/pcrs.json.
	     Note: Options -o and -a are mutually exclusive. Files may only be written to areas allowed by tmsh.

       You can use the status-check command to check the system's integrity status.

       run status-check

       Runs the tpm-status utility and returns the integrity status. It shall be one of VALID, INVALID, UNAVAILABLE, or PENDING.

       run status-check -v 3

       Runs the tpm-status utility with very very verbose output then returns the integrity status.

       run, tmsh

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