sys performance all-statsΒΆ

sys performance all-stats(1)				BIG-IP TMSH Manual			      sys performance all-stats(1)

       all-stats - Resets or displays all performance statistics.

       sys performance

       Reset or display all performance statistics for the system within the sys_performance module using the syntax in the
       following sections.  On VIPRION(r) systems, displaying performance statistics on a secondary blade is not supported.

	reset-stats all-stats

	show all-stats
	    (default | exa | gig | kil | meg | peta | raw | tera | yotta | zetta)
	    (detail | historical)

       You can use the all-stats component to reset or display all system performance statistics.

       Note that tmsh only displays performance statistics when you explicitly request them.

       show all-stats detail

       Displays detailed information about system performance in the system default units.

       reset-stats all-stats

       Resets all performance statistics for the system.

       For information about the options that you can use with the command show, see help show.

       For information about the options that you can use with the command reset-stats, see help reset-stats.

       reset-stats, show, sys performance connections, sys performance gtm, sys performance ramcache, sys performance system, sys
       performance throughput, tmsh

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