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sys software status(1)					BIG-IP TMSH Manual				    sys software status(1)

       status - Displays the status of a BIG-IP(r) system software installation.

       sys software

       Display information about the status component within the sys software module using the following syntax.

	show status

       You can use the status component to display the status of the software installation, including whether the system is
       active, the name of the product being installed, the software version and build number of the software, and the slot and
       volume on which the software is installed.

       After you use the install sys software image command (see install and "sys software image") to install a new software
       image, you can use this command to monitor the progress of the installation. A percentage meter appears in the Status

	 show status

       Displays the status of the software installation in a table.

	 show status field-fmt

       Displays the status of the software installation separately for each volume on the system.

	 root@(big-ip1)(cfg-sync Standalone)(Active)(/Common)(tmos)# quit
	 [root@big-ip1:Active:Standalone] images # watch tmsh show sys software status

       Launches the Unix watch command from the Unix command line. The command produces auto-updating output similar to this:

	 Every 2.0s: tmsh show sys software status		      Thu Oct 18 14:04:04 2012

	 Sys::Software Status
	 Volume  Product  Version      Build  Active		    Status
	 HD1.1	      EM    3.2.0      222.0	  no  installing 6.000 pct
	 HD1.2	      EM    3.2.0  150.0.465	 yes		  complete
	 HD1.3	      EM    3.2.0	67.0	  no		  complete

       Where the "installing 6.000 pct" status increases until it eventually changes to "complete."  It changes to a specific
       failure message if there is an issue.

	    Specifies to display the software status for each volume in a field format, rather than in a table.

       show, tmsh

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