net dns-resolverΒΆ

net dns-resolver(1)	      BIG-IP TMSH Manual	   net dns-resolver(1)

       resolver - Configures a DNS resolver on the BIG-IP(r) system.

       net dns-resolver

       Configure the DNS resolver component using the syntax in the following

	create [name]
	modify [name]
	    answer-default-zones [yes | no]
	    app-service [[string] | none]
	    cache-size [integer]
	    description [string]
	    forward-zones [add | delete | modify | replace-all-with] {
	      [ [zone-name] ] {
		  nameservers [add | delete | replace-all-with] {
		    [ [IPv4address:port] | [IPv6address.port] ]
		  nameservers none
	    forward-zones none
	    randomize-query-name-case [yes | no]
	    route-domain [name]
	    use-ipv4 [yes | no]
	    use-ipv6 [yes | no]
	    use-tcp [yes | no]
	    use-udp [yes | no]

	list [ [ [name] | [glob] | [regex] ] ... ]
	show [name]

	delete [name]

       You can use the dns-resolver component to configure and view
       information about a DNS Resolver object. A DNS resolver performs
       recursive resolution to fill its cache.

       Important: When sizing caches, consider the total amount of memory
       available and how you wish to allocate memory for DNS caching. Note
       that cache sizing values are per-TMM process; therefore, a platform
       with eight TMMs consumes the amount of memory set for the Resolver
       object times eight.

       Important: DNS Resolver objects use the DNS root nameservers published
       by InterNIC.


       Displays the properties of the DNS Resolver myRes.

	    Specifies whether the resolver answers queries for default zones:
	    localhost, reverse and ::1, and AS112 zones. The default
	    value is no.

	    Specifies the name of the application service to which this dns-
	    resolver belongs. The default value is none. Note: If the strict-
	    updates option is enabled on the application service that owns the
	    object, you cannot modify or delete this dns-resolver. Only the
	    application service can modify or delete this dns-resolver.

	    Specifies the maximum cache size in bytes of the DNS Resolver
	    object. The default value is 5767168.

	    The BIG-IP system caches the supporting records in a DNS response
	    in the resource record cache. After the maximum size of the cache
	    is reached, when new or refreshed content is added to the cache,
	    the expired and older content is removed from the cache. A higher
	    maximum size allows more DNS responses to be cached and increases
	    the cache hit percentage. A lower maximum size forces earlier
	    eviction of cached content, but can lower the cache hit

	    User defined description.

	    Adds, deletes, modifies, or replaces a set of forward zones on a
	    DNS Resolver, by specifying zone name(s). A given zone name should
	    only use the symbols allowed for a fully qualified domain name
	    (FQDN), namely ASCII letters a though z, digits 0 through 9,
	    hyphen -, and period .. For example would be a
	    valid zone name.

	    A DNS Resolver configured with a forward zone will forward any
	    queries that resulted in a cache-miss (the answer was not
	    available in the cache) and which also match a configured zone
	    name, to the nameserver specified on the zone. If no nameservers
	    are specified on the zone, an automatic SERVFAIL is returned. When
	    a forward zone's nameserver returns a valid response to the DNS
	    Cache, that response is cached and then returned to the requestor.

		 Adds, deletes, modifies, or replaces a set of nameservers in
		 a forward zone on a DNS Resolver. A nameserver is represented
		 by an IPaddress and port in the format [IPv4:port] or
		 [IPv6.port], for example or 2001::1:ff.53,

		 If more than one nameserver is listed for a given forward
		 zone, a matching query will be sent to the nameserver that is
		 currently deemed the most responsive (based on RTTs). If no
		 response is received within a certain window of time, the DNS
		 Resolver will resend the query to another nameserver with an
		 increased wait window, until a response is received.

       glob Displays the items that match the glob expression. See help glob
	    for a description of glob expression syntax.

       name Specifies a unique name for the component. This option is required
	    for the commands create, delete, and modify.

	    Specifies whether the resolver randomizes the case of query names.
	    The default value is yes.

	    Displays the items that match the regular expression. The regular
	    expression must be preceded by an at sign (@[regular expression])
	    to indicate that the identifier is a regular expression. See help
	    regex for a description of regular expression syntax.

	    Specifies the route domain the resolver uses for outbound traffic.
	    The default value is the default route domain.

	    Specifies whether the resolver sends DNS queries to IPv4
	    addresses. The default value is yes.

	    Specifies whether the resolver sends DNS queries to IPv6
	    addresses. The default value is yes.

	    Specifies whether the resolver can send queries over the TCP
	    protocol. The default value is yes.

	    Specifies whether the resolver can send queries over the UDP
	    protocol. The default value is yes.

       create, delete, edit, glob, list, show, modify, regex, tmsh

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       by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,
       recording, or information storage and retrieval systems, for any
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       written permission of F5 Networks, Inc.

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