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analytics global-settings(1)  BIG-IP TMSH Manual  analytics global-settings(1)

       global-settings - set up global analytics parameters.

       analytics global-settings

       List or set up parameters related to analytics data publishing using
       the syntax shown in the following sections.

	list analytics global-settings [ all-properties | non-default-properties | one-line | recursive ]

	modify avrd-interval [ value ]
	modify avrd-debug-mode [ disabled | enabled ]
	modify disable-all-internal-logging [ disabled | enabled ]

	modify external-logging-publisher [ publisher name | none ]

	modify offbox-protocol [ ecm-tm | hsl | none | tcp ]
	modify offbox-tcp-addresses
	    [ add | delete | none | replace-all-with ]	{ list of IP addresses... }
	modify offbox-tcp-port [ value ]
	modify use-offbox [ disabled | enabled ]

       Use the analytics global-settings command to list or modify the
       following global analytics settings:

       o    avrd-interval - analytics data collection interval in seconds. If
	    this interval is different from the default value (300 seconds),
	    internal statistics are not collected unless avrd-debug-mode is
	    set to enabled. Minimal interval is 20 seconds, maximum interval
	    is 300 seconds.

       o    avrd-debug-mode - enable or disable debug mode. If debug mode is
	    disabled (by default), internal statistics are collected only if
	    avrd-interval is set to the default value (300 seconds).

       o    disable-all-internal-logging - when it is enabled, internal
	    statistics are never collected, regardless of avrd-interval and
	    avrd-debug-mode settings.

       o    external-logging-publisher - choose which logging publisher will
	    be used for the external HSL protocol. Relevant when offbox-
	    protocol is set to 'hsl'.

       o    offbox-protocol - protocol for communication with offbox analytics
	    application. The protocol can be defined as one of the following
	    four options: 'hsl' - (High Speed Logging)a protocol based on UDP
	    or TCP; 'tcp' - the proprietary TCP-based protocol; 'ecm-tm' - a
	    protocol based on Google RPC (grpc); and 'none'. Note: 'ecm-tm' is
	    the recommended option. Note: If 'none' is chosen, the analytics
	    module does not try to connect to the offbox analytics

       o    offbox-tcp-addresses - server IP addresses used only if the 'tcp'
	    protocol is chosen. Multiple IP addresses are supported. If more
	    than one IP address is configured, the analytics module first
	    tries to connect to the first IP address in the list. If the
	    connection can't be established, it tries the next IP address, and
	    so on.

       o    offbox-tcp-port - server TCP port for the server IP addresses used
	    only if 'tcp' protocol is chosen. If multiple tcp addresses are
	    configured they all use the same port.

       o    use-offbox - enables and disables all communication with the
	    offbox application on global level.

       Display all current analytics global settings:

	   list analytics global-settings all-properties

       Enable the analytics module to communicate with an offbox application
       using the 'tcp' protocol. In this example, the offbox application IP
       addresses are and, TCP port is - 3344 :

	   modify analytics global-settings offbox-tcp-addresses
		 add { }
	   modify analytics global-settings offbox-tcp-port 3344
	   modify analytics global-settings offbox-protocol tcp
	   modify analytics global-settings use-offbox enabled

       Create an analytics report every 20 seconds. Note: Since it has a big
       performance impact, this should be configured for debugging purposes

	   modify analytics global-setting avrd-debug-mode enabled
	   modify analytics global-setting avrd-interval 20

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