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apm policy agent irule-event(1BIG-IP TMSH Manuaapm policy agent irule-event(1)

       irule-event - Manages an iRule Event agent.

       apm policy agent

       Configure the irule-event component within the policy agent module
       using the syntax shown in the following sections.

	create irule-event [name]
	modify irule-event [name]
	    app-service [[string] | none]
	    id [[string] | none]
	    expect-data [[client-accepted] | [ssl-client-hello] | [ssl-cert-available] | [http] | [none]

	edit irule-event  [ [ [name] | [glob] | [regex] ] ... ]

	list irule-event
	list irule-event  [ [ [name] | [glob] | [regex] ] ... ]
	show running-config irule-event
	show running-config irule-event  [ [ [name] | [glob] | [regex] ] ... ]

	show irule-event
	show irule-event  [name]

	delete irule-event  [name]

       You can use the irule-event component to add a custom Access iRule
       event to an access policy. This agent enables you to combine access
       policy execution with iRule execution.

       For example, you can retrieve the current agent ID (using an iRule
       command ACCESS::policy agent_id ) to determine which of the iRule
       agents raised the event and then perform some custom logic execution.

       The Per-Request Policy's Access iRule event functions similarly to the
       Access iRule event in the main access policy, but retrieval of the
       current agent ID uses the iRule command "ACCESS::perflow get
       perflow.irule_agent_id" to determine which of the iRule agents raised
       the event.

       The expect-data component is used in the Per-Request Policy when adding
       an Access iRule event. You must specify the last piece of data that the
       policy should wait for before raising the event. The default is HTTP.

       when ACCESS_POLICY_AGENT_EVENT { if {[ACCESS::policy agent_id] eq
       "lastLogon" } { # our limit in seconds set 2weeks 1209600 # diff in 100
       nanosecond increments between MS time attribute (year 1601) and start
       of epoch set offset 11644473600000 set adtime "[ACCESS::session data
       get session.ad.last.attr.lastLogon]" # convert adtime to milliseconds
       set millisecs [expr {$adtime / 10000}] # subtract offset set
       lastlogintime [expr {$millisecs - $offset}] # convert to seconds
       because milliseconds for 'now' were negative (maybe vmware issue) set
       secs [expr {$lastlogintime / 1000}] set now [clock seconds] # finally
       calculate the difference set diff [expr {$now - $secs}] log local0.
       "lastLogon: $diff seconds from current time" if { $diff	$2weeks } {
       ACCESS::session data set session.custom.lastLogonWithin2Weeks 0 } else
       { ACCESS::session data set session.custom.lastLogonWithin2Weeks 1 } } }
	    In this example, ACCESS_POLICY_AGENT_EVENT gathers data containing
	    the users whose last logon was within the last two weeks. Note
	    that you can access session variables and create new session
	    variables inside this event.

       list irule-event all
	    Displays a list of OAM agents.

       delete irule-event my_irule_agent
	    Deletes the iRule Event agent named my_irule_agent.

	    Specifies the name of the application service to which the object
	    belongs. The default value is none. Note: If the strict-updates
	    option is enabled on the application service that owns the object,
	    you cannot modify or delete the object. Only the application
	    service can modify or delete the object.

       id   Specifies the ID of the iRule event. The default is none. You can
	    use the ID to determine which agent caused the
	    ACCESS_POLICY_AGENT_EVENT. You can also use the ID to perform
	    different processing inside iRule for different agents.

	    Specifies the name of the component. This option is required.

	    Displays the partition within which the component resides.

       No part of this program may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or
       by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,
       recording, or information storage and retrieval systems, for any
       purpose other than the purchaser's personal use, without the express
       written permission of F5 Networks, Inc.

       F5 Networks and BIG-IP (c) Copyright 2011-2013, 2016. All rights

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