IdP Connector Configuration Guide : Ping Federate

BIG-IP as SAML SP Configuration

This document describes the configuration for an external IDP Connector using an IDP Connector template in the Guided Configuration SAML Service Provider workflow. Follow the steps below to configure Ping Federate:

  1. Logon to the BIG-IP user interface and click Access -> Guided Configuration.
  2. Select the Federation category.
  3. Select the SAML Service Provider to configure BIG-IP as a SAML Service Provider.
  4. Review the Required Configuration information and complete the following required steps before you configure the External IDP Connector.
  • Provide the Service Provider details.
  • Provide the Virtual Server configuration details.
  • After you configure the External IDP connector, configure the Pool Settings and (optional) Endpoint Check and SSO settings.

External IDP Connector Configuration in Guided Configuration


Saml SP configuration supports only one IDP Connector for a Service Provider.

  1. On the External Identity Provider Connector Settings screen, select the Template method.
  2. Select the Identity Provider from the provided set. You can search for Ping Federate in the Search bar. If a template for your application is not available, you can use the options Metadata or Custom, and configure the Identity Providers accordingly.

Select Ping Federate and click Add. Specify a name for the connector.

IDP Connector Specific Properties

To configure Ping Federate provide following inputs:
  • IdP Hostname : Provide the hostname of your Identity Provider. For example, or
  • IdP Entityid : Provide the entity ID.

Advanced Connector Settings

If the basic settings do not provide the information you need to configure, show Advanced Settings by clicking Show Advanced Settings.

Endpoint Settings

  • Select POST/Redirect as your Single Sign-on Service Binding.

Assertion Settings

  • Specify whether the Identity Location is Subject or Attribute.

Security Settings

  • Select Yes to sign Authentication requests, and select the appropriate signing algorithm.

Certificate Settings

  • Select Yes if you want to detach the signature when using the redirect binding.
  • Click Save & Next. Complete the subsequent steps.

Deploy the Configuration

  1. Deploy the configuration from the Summary screen.
  2. To retrieve the metadata for this configuration, navigate to Access ‣ Federation ‣ SAML Service Provider ‣ Local SP Services.
  3. Select the SAML SP object created by your workflow, and click Export Metadata.
  4. Use the SAML metadata file to configure the Service Provider configuraton in the external Identity Provider Administration console.

Setup Ping Federate as SAML Identity Provider

Refer to Ping Federate documentation to set it up as SAML Identity Provider.

Test the configuration

  1. To test the configuration, click on the link Click to test configuration on the Summary page.
  2. Provide test user credentials, and verify that the access to the backend application succeeds.