F5 BIG-IP Application Services 3 Extension Documentation

Welcome to the F5 BIG-IP Application Services 3 Extension User Guide. This is the documentation for the latest version of BIG-IP AS3, if you want to see the documentation for a long term support (LTS) version, use the version selector on the top left (for details, see Support information on GitHub).


The BIG-IP AS3 RPM, Postman collection, and checksum files can be found on the GitHub Release, as Assets. You can find historical files on GitHub by using the Branch drop-down, clicking the Tags tab, and then selecting the appropriate release.

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The F5 BIG-IP Application Services 3 Extension (referred to as BIG-IP AS3) is a flexible, low-overhead mechanism for managing application-specific configurations on a BIG-IP system. BIG-IP AS3 uses a declarative model, meaning you provide a JSON declaration rather than a set of imperative commands. The declaration represents the configuration which BIG-IP AS3 is responsible for creating on a BIG-IP system. BIG-IP AS3 is well-defined according to the rules of JSON Schema, and declarations validate according to JSON Schema. BIG-IP AS3 accepts declaration updates via REST (push), reference (pull), or CLI (flat file editing).

You can use Microsoft Visual Studio Code to validate your declarations, see Validating a Declaration for information.

This guide contains information on downloading, installing, and using the Application Services 3 Extension. Use the navigation panes, and/or the Next and Previous buttons to explore the documentation.

You can also see our BIG-IP AS3 overview video:

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