HTTP2_Profile (object)

HTTP2 profile with configurable options

Properties (* = required):

name type(s) default allowed values description
activationMode string “alpn” “alpn”, “always” This setting specifies the condition that will cause the BIG-IP system to handle an incoming connection as an HTTP/2 connection.
class* string   “HTTP2_Profile”  
concurrentStreamsPerConnection integer 10 1 - 256 The number of concurrent connections to allow on a single HTTP/2 connection.
connectionIdleTimeout integer 300 1 - 4294967295 The number of seconds that a HTTP/2 connection is left open idly before it is closed.
enforceTlsRequirements boolean true true, false Enable or disable enforcement of TLS requirements.
frameSize integer 2048 1024 - 16384 The size of the data frames, in bytes, that the HTTP/2 protocol sends to the client.
headerTableSize integer 4096 0 - 65535 The size of the header table, in KB, for the HTTP headers that the HTTP/2 protocol compresses to save bandwidth.
includeContentLength boolean false true, false Enable to include content-length in HTTP/2 headers.
insertHeader boolean false true, false This setting specifies whether the BIG-IP system should add an HTTP header to the HTTP request to show that the request was received over HTTP/2.
insertHeaderName string “X-HTTP2”   This setting specifies the name of the header that the BIG-IP system will add to the HTTP request when the Insert Header is enabled.
label string   “^[^x00-x1fx22#&*<>?x5b-x5d`x7f]*$” Optional friendly name for this object. Allows 0-64 chars, excluding a few likely to cause trouble with string searching, JS, TCL, or HTML
receiveWindow integer 32 16 - 128 The flow-control size for upload streams, in KB.
remark string   “^[^x00-x1fx22x5cx7f]*$” Arbitrary (brief) text pertaining to this object. Allows 0-64 chars, excluding only control characters, double-quote, and backslash. This is permissive enough that you should worry about XSS attacks
writeSize integer 16384 2048 - 32768 The total size of combined data frames, in bytes, that the HTTP/2 protocol sends in a single write function.