Service_Address (object)

Service IP address definition (BIG-IP virtual-address). NOTE: When BIG-IP AS3 creates a Service_Address, it is placed in /tenant/serviceAddress (and not /tenant/app/serviceAddress) on the BIG-IP system.

Properties (* = required):

name type(s) default allowed values description
arpEnabled boolean true true, false If true (default), the system services ARP requests on this address
class string   “Service_Address”  
icmpEcho string “enable” “enable”, “disable”, “selective” If true (default), the system answers ICMP echo requests on this address
label string   “^[^x00-x1fx22#&*<>?x5b-x5d`x7f]*$” Optional friendly name for this object. Allows 0-64 chars, excluding a few likely to cause trouble with string searching, JS, TCL, or HTML
remark string   “^[^x00-x1fx22x5cx7f]*$” Arbitrary (brief) text pertaining to this object. Allows 0-64 chars, excluding only control characters, double-quote, and backslash. This is permissive enough that you should worry about XSS attacks
routeAdvertisement string “disable” “enable”, “disable”, “selective”, “always”, “any”, “all” If true, the route is advertised
spanningEnabled boolean false true, false Enable all BIG-IP systems in device group to listen for and process traffic on the same virtual address
trafficGroup string “default”   Specifies the traffic group which the Service_Address belongs.
virtualAddress* string   “f5ip” formatted string The virtual IP address. Defaults to mask /32.