Last updated on: 2023-03-21 04:49:37.

Get help

F5 provides support for the F5 Modules for Ansible. For more information, see this page.

The community also provides informal support through a number of channels.

File an issue

If you’d like community support, you can open an issue with the github links below:

When communicating with F5 on the Issues page, use the GitHub user interface, rather than email.

For best practices, see Filing issues.

Get community support on Slack

We encourage you to use the F5 Ansible channel on Slack for discussion and assistance on the F5 Modules for Ansible.

F5 employees are members of this community and typically monitor the channel Monday-Friday 9-5 PST. They will offer best-effort assistance.

Send email

Contact us at for general feedback or enhancement requests.

Exposing confidential information

When submitting a request for help or feedback, you should NEVER:

  • Enter any private or personally identifying information about you, your network, organization, etc.
  • Enter any passwords/credentials, logs, IP addresses, or servers/server ports.
  • Expect that an F5 employee will immediately respond. Employees offer best-effort assistance, but there may be times when responses are delayed.

If you need more in-depth technical assistance, you can contact F5 Support.