F5 BIG-IP Next Provider

Welcome to the F5 BIG-IP NEXT Provider Resources for Terraform. BIG-IP Next Provider Resources for Terraform enables you to manage BIG-IG Next Central Manager configuration.

BIG-IP Next Provider focuses on managing F5 BIG-IP Next instances via BIG-IP Next Central Manager declarative API. The collection includes key imperative modules as well for managing resources and operational tasks outside of declarative workflows. Examples include actions such as saving configuration and backing up configuration.

BIG-IP Next uses a combination of BIG-IP Next Central Manager and BIG-IP Next instances to implement application delivery and security. The BIG-IP Next Central Manager manages the BIG-IP Next instances, assuming responsibility for all administrative and management tasks. The BIG-IP Next instances, responsible for data processing, provide robust automation capabilities, scalability, and ease-of-use for organizations running applications on-premise, in the cloud, or out at the edge. F5 BIG-IP Next Terraform provider is open source and available on GitHub.

Release Notes

For detailed release information on F5 BIG-IP Next Provider Resources for Terraform, see GitHub.

Version compatibility matrix

BIG-IP Next versions supported by these Terraform collection versions.


BIG-IP Next Terraform Next Collection

> 20.2.0

>= 1.0.0

BIG-IP Next Provider for Terraform

Provider plugin interacts with BIG-IP Next Central Manager (CM) using OpenAPI.

To use this provider

Install the BIG-IP Next Provider Resources for Terraform copy and paste this code into your Terraform configuration. Then, run terraform init.

terraform {
  required_providers {
    bigipnext = {
      source = "F5Networks/bigipnext"
      version = "1.1.0"

provider "bigipnext" {
  username = "education"
  password = "test123"
  host     = "http://localhost:19090"



  • host (String) URI for BigipNext Device. May also be provided via BIGIPNEXT_HOST environment variable.

  • password (String, Sensitive) Password for BigipNext Device. May also be provided via BIGIPNEXT_PASSWORD environment variable.

  • port (Number) Port Number to be used to make API calls to HOST

  • username (String) Username for BigipNext Device. May also be provided via BIGIPNEXT_USERNAME environment variable.

To use F5 BIG-IP Next modules declarative collection for Terraform resources, refer the following documentation.