Deploy Basic Load Balancer


This template deploys a basic load balancing scenario on a BIG-IP device (hardware or virtual edition). The stack includes the following resources:

  • one (1) client virtual machine (VM);
  • one (1) server VM;
  • one (1) virtual server, one (1) pool, and one (1) pool member created on the BIG-IP device for the server VM.


  • Licensed, operational BIG-IP device (hardware or VE) accessible to the OpenStack cloud.
  • Glance image for the OS of your choice, to use for the VMs.
  • BIG-IP security groups configured in OpenStack.
  • SSH key(s) configured in OpenStack; to use for authentication to the VM instances launched by this template.
  • F5 Plugins for OpenStack Heat installed on the Neutron controller.
  • At least two (2) VLANs configured in Neutron – ‘mgmt’ and ‘data’ – to use for BIG-IP system management and client-server data traffic, respectively.



Configuration Parameters

Configuration Parameters
Parameter Type Description Default
Client/Server Glance Image string Image to use for VMs N/A
Client/Server Nova Flavor string Nova Compute flavor to use for VMs N/A
Key name string ssh key to use for authentication to VMs N/A
Security Group string security group to assign to VMs N/A
Client Network string Client traffic network N/A
Server Network string Server traffic network N/A
BIG-IP Login Username string BIG-IP device username N/A
BIG-IP Login Password string BIG-IP device password N/A
Virtual Server Name string Name to assign to the virtual server virtual_server1
Pool Name string Name to assign to the pool pool1
BIG-IP Floating IP (bigip_fip) string The BIG-IP device’s floating IP address N/A
Virtual Server VIP string Virtual IP address to assign to the virtual server N/A
Virtual Server Port integer Port the virtual server should listen on 443
Pool Member Port integer Port the pool member can receive traffic on 8080


See the F5 HOT deployment instructions.


Click the link below to download the template.