F5 BIG-IP VE: Standalone, 2-nic


This template deploys a standalone, 2-nic F5 BIG-IP VE instance in OpenStack.


  • An external network with access to the internet.
  • F5 Plugins for OpenStack Heat installed on the Neutron controller.
  • SSH key(s) configured in OpenStack.
  • BIG-IP VE image uploaded to Glance.
  • Two (2) VLANs configured in Neutron – ‘mgmt’ and ‘data’ – to use for system management and data traffic, respectively.


Configuration Parameters

Parameter Type Description Default
Stack Name string Provide a name for the stack N/A
Creation Timeout integer Length of time after which stack creation will time out (minutes) N/A
Password for user “<username>” string The password for your OpenStack user account N/A
F5 VE Image string Choose a BIG-IP VE image from the dropdown list N/A
F5 VE Flavor string Choose a flavor for the BIG-IP VE instance N/A
Use Config Drive boolean Use config drive to provide meta and user data False
F5 Root SSH Key Name string Choose an ssh key-pair; used for authentication to the BIG-IP VE instance N/A
External Network string Choose the external network from the list N/A
VE Management Network string Assign a Neutron subnet to the management interface on the BIG-IP VE instances N/A
VE Network for the 1.1 Interface string Assign a Neutron network to the 1.1 interface on the BIG-IP VE instance N/A
Name for Network 1.1 string Enter a name for the 1.1 network on the BIG-IP VE instance network-1.1
Default Gateway IP string Enter the Gateway IP address to use for the BIG-IP VE instance none


See the F5 HOT deployment instructions.


Click the link below to download the template.