2.2. Managing Topologies through the Guided Configuration

2.2.1. What it is

The SSL Orchestrator Guided Configuration presents a streamlined workflow-based user experience for creating and managing topologies and topology objects. This architecture provides intuitive, re-entrant configuration steps tailored to the selected topology.


Figure 6: SSL Orchestrator Guided Configuration path

  • Initialization - if this is the first-time accessing SSL Orchestrator in a new F5 BIG-IP build, upon first access, the Guided Configuration will automatically load and deploy the built-in SSL Orchestrator package.


    Figure 7: Guided Configuration initialization

  • Configuration review and prerequisites - On any new topology configuration, the workflow starts with an overview page that describes the topology options and any additional prerequisite operations. Take a moment to review the topology options and workflow configuration steps involved. Optionally satisfy any of the DNS, NTP and Route prerequisites from this page. Keep in mind, however, that aside from NTP, the SSL Orchestrator Guided Configuration will provide an opportunity to define DNS and route settings later in the workflow. No specific actions are required on this page, so click Next.


    Figure 8: Guided Configuration welcome page