Last updated on: April 08 2022.


This guide is about troubleshooting SSL Orchestrator (SSLO), F5’s BIG-IP solution to SSL traffic visibility.

SSLO is a specially licensed iAppLX RPM package that runs atop F5’s BIG-IP Core platform and manages the intricate BIG-IP configuration necessary to provide encrypt, decrypt, policy, and service chain functions. SSLO’s generated configuration must harmoniously coexist with wildly varying deployment architectures, conflicts. Problems sometimes occur.

To help administrators understand how the overall solution functions, this document begins with a discussion of major architecture components, followed by a flowchart of symptom categories to guide you toward recommended troubleshooting procedures. Finally, some generic procedures should assist any engineer working with SSL Orchestrator.

How To Use This Document

First familiarize yourself with the system architecture, configuration, and data path. Then follow the flowchart to find the procedures relevant to your troubleshooting situation.

Product Versions

14.x-5.x - 16.1-9.1

Collaboration Welcome

If you have ideas or suggestions, please leave feedback.

See Also

If you are new to SSL Orchestrator, read about the nomenclature and concepts in the Deployment Guide. The following resources provide additional troubleshooting information: