DSC Lab Network Setup

In the interest of focusing as much time as possible configuring your application delivery controller, we have provided some resources and basic setup ahead of time. These are:

  • Cloud-based lab environment complete with a Windows workstation, three virtual BIG-IPs (VE), and a back-end banking application running on a Linux web server.
  • The virtual BIG-IP has been pre-licensed

If you wish to replicate these labs in your office you will need to perform these steps accordingly.

To access the lab environment, you will require a web browser and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client software. The web browser will be used to access the lab training portal. The RDP client will be used to connect to a Windows workstation, where you will be able to access the BIG-IPs (HTTPS, SSH).

You class instructor will provide additional lab access details.

Login info for lab jump box

Use RDP to connect to the DNS host provided to you in the Agility Portal. The user and password are:

Username: student
Password: agility


BIG-IP Usernames BIG-IP Passwords
admin admin
root default

Timing for DSC Labs

The time it takes to perform each lab varies and is mostly dependent on accurately completing steps. This can never be accurately predicted but we strived to derive an estimate among several people each having a different level of experience. Below is an estimate of how long it will take for each lab:

LAB Name (Description) Time Allocated
Lab 1 – Active/Active ScaneN Clustering Exercise 55 minutes
Lab 2 – Sync-Only Groups Exercise 30 minutes
Lab 3 – Device Service Cluster Automation 60 minutes