Getting Started

Lab Topology


Access and Credential Summary

You will using the Win7 jumpbox to access other systems for all labs. You will use Putty that has been preconfigured with appropriate keys in order to access the DHD CLI, Good Client, and the Attacker systems. The short cuts are on the desktop. You will be logged in as “root”.

Lab Components

System Username Password
Ravello Given at site Given at site
Win7 Jumpbox external_user f5DEMOs4u
Hybrid Defender - WebUI admin f5DEMOs4u
Hybrid Defender - CLI root f5DEMOs4u
Good Client ubuntu Use key
Attacker ubuntu Use key
Auction CLI root default
Lamp CLI root default
Lamp X-Server Shell xubuntu <no password>

Accessing the Lab Environment

Task 1 – Open your RDP client and connect to your Windows Jumpbox

  • A URL will be provided by your Instructor at the training site that will access the training portal.
  • Click the Jumpbox RDP link.


This will RDP to the Jumpbox where you will work all the labs from.


Use the show options to provide details.

  • Login to the Jumpbox
  • User name: Jumpbox external_user. Password: f5DEMOs4u


  • Click YES at the warning



All Exercises/Tasks are to be completed from the Windows Jumpbox. There are various shortcuts – Chrome Incognito, Putty shortcuts, Licensing Folders on the jumpbox that you will use through the exercises.