Module 3 - Understanding iControl LX Extensions

In this module, we are going to review the HelloWorld extension, look at how to handle HTTP GETs (and other methods), and interact with 3rd party systems.


This module will only be about reviewing an existing extension. In Module 4, we will create our own HelloWorld extension.

Exercises in this Module

  • Lab 3.1 - Review the HelloWorld iControl LX Extension
    • Overview of the HelloWorld Extension
    • Key Parts of the HelloWorld Extension
  • Lab 3.2 - Beyond “GET”
    • Task 1 - The ‘other’ HTTP Verbs
  • Lab 3.3 - Interacting with 3rd Party Systems
    • Task 1 - Using restOperation
    • Task 2 - Creating a REST call using Native Node.js HTTP Requests