General configuration options

REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/ltm/global-settings/general/~resource id
Resource Methods


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
gratuitousArpRate integer   optional read/write Specifies how fast gratuitous ARPs can be sent. If it is 0, then gratuitous ARPs are sent without pause. Otherwise, it specifies how many gratuitous ARPs can be sent every second. The default value is 0.
l2CacheTimeout integer   optional read/write Specifies, in seconds, the amount of time that records remain the Layer 2 forwarding table, when the MAC address of the record is no longer detected on the network. The default is 300 seconds.
maintenanceMode string   optional read/write Specifies, when enabled, that the unit is in maintenance mode. In maintenance mode, the system stops accepting new connections and slowly finishes off existing connections.
shareSingleMac string   optional read/write Specifies the Media Access Control address (MAC address) that the system assigns to a VLAN. The value of unique indicates that a VLAN uses a mac address from a global mac address pool assigned to each hardware platform. The global value indicates that all of the VLANs on the system use the same MAC address. The vmw-compat value indicates that the MAC address of a vlan is allocated in a manner compatible with VMware(tm) vSwitch and restricts VLANs to a single interface, with no trunks allowed. Changing the value of this feature requires a manual restart of all daemons
snatPacketForward string   optional read/write Enables or disables SNAT packet forwarding. The default is disable.
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