Global settings for persistence

REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/ltm/persistence/global-settings/~resource id
Resource Methods


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
description string   optional read/write User defined description.
destAddrLimitMode string   optional read/write Specifies that the persistence session is limited by either the number of seconds before the persistence entry times out, or by a maximum number of requests to the destination address.
destAddrMax integer   optional read/write Specifies the maximum number of entries that can be in the persistence table at any one time when using the destination address affinity mode and when the option dest addr limit is set to max-count. The default value is 2048 entries.
proxyGroup string   optional read/write Specifies a group of servers that are configured to process all of the requests from a single source address during a persistence session.
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