Trunk configuration and statistics

REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/net/trunk/~resource id
Resource Methods
Resource Natural Key


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
appService string   optional read/write The application service that the object belongs to.
bandwidth integer 0 optional read/write Specifies the operational bandwidth in bps.
cfgMbrCount integer 0 optional read/write Specifies the number of configured members.
description string   optional read/write User defined description.
distributionHash string src-dst-ipport optional read/write Specifies the basis for the hash that the system uses as the frame distribution algorithm. The system uses the resulting hash to determine which interface to use for forwarding traffic.
id integer 65535 optional read/write Displays the ID of the trunk.
lacp string disabled optional read/write Specifies, when enabled, that the system supports the link aggregation control protocol (LACP), which monitors the trunk by exchanging control packets over the member links to determine the health of the links. If LACP detects a failure in a member link, it removes the link from the link aggregation. LACP is disabled by default, for backward compatibility.
lacpMode string active optional read/write Specifies the operation mode for link aggregation control protocol (LACP), if LACP is enabled for the trunk.
lacpTimeout string long optional read/write Specifies the rate at which the system sends the LACP control packets.
linkSelectPolicy string auto optional read/write Sets the LACP policy that the trunk uses to determine which member link (interface) can handle new traffic. Note that link aggregation is allowed only when all the interfaces are operating at the same media speed and connected to the same partner aggregation system. When there is a mismatch among configured members due to configuration errors or topology changes (auto-negotiation), link selection policy determines which links become working members and form the aggregation.
macAddress string   optional read/write Specifies the media access control (MAC) address, which is associated with the trunk, in case-insensitive hexadecimal colon notation, for example, 00:0b:09:88:00:9a.
media string none optional read/write Displays a common trunk member speed reference.
qinqEthertype string 0x8100 optional read/write Specifies the protocol identifier associated with the tagged mode of the trunk.
stp string enabled optional read/write Enables or disables STP. If you disable STP, the system does not transmit or receive STP, RSTP, or MSTP packets on the trunk, and STP has no control over forwarding or learning on the trunk. The default value is enabled.
stpReset boolean false optional read/write Resets STP, which forces a migration check.
type string normal optional read/write Displays whether this trunk is managed by a VCMP hypervisor or not.
workingMbrCount integer 0 optional read/write Specifies the number of working members associated with this trunk.


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
interfaces (net/interface) array_structure   optional read/write Specifies the interfaces by name separated by spaces that you want to add to the trunk, delete from the trunk, or with which you want to replace all existing interfaces associated with the trunk.
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