6RD tunnel profile configuration

REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/net/tunnels/v6rd/~resource id
Resource Methods
Resource Natural Key
name, partition, subPath


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
appService string   optional read/write The application service that the object belongs to.
defaultsFrom string   optional read/write The profile from which to inherit settings. The default value is v6rd.
description string   optional read/write User defined description.
ipv4prefix string optional read/write As an extension not mentioned in the RFC5969, it specifies the IPv4 prefix for the Customer-Edge (CE) devices of a 6RD domain at a Border-Relay (BR) in case that the subnet prefixes used by the 6RD devices do not share the same IPv4 prefix. If they do, there is no need to configure this parameter. The default value is B<>.
ipv4prefixlen integer 0 optional read/write Also noted as IPv4MaskLen in RFC5969, it specifies the number of identical high-order bits shared by all CE and BR IPv4 addresses in a given 6RD domain. The valid range is from zero to 32. It is a required value for create. It defaults to zero, i.e. the full ipv4 address must be encapsulated.
tmPartition string Common optional read/write Displays the admin-partition within which this component resides.
v6rdprefix string   optional read/write Specifies the IPv6 prefix for 6rd domain.
v6rdprefixlen integer 56 optional read/write Specifies the IPv6 prefix length of the 6rd domain. The default is 56.
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