REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/net/wccp/services/~resource id
Resource Methods
Resource Natural Key


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
appService string   optional read/write  
hashFields string   optional read/write Specifies to the router which traffic attributes to use to determine which BIG-IP system it should forward traffic to for load balancing: destination IP address (dest-ip), destination port (dest-port), source IP address (src-ip), and/or source port (src-port).
password string   optional read/write Specifies the password for MD5 authentication or none.
portType string none optional read/write Specifies whether the WCCP interception of traffic is based on the destination port (dest) or source port (source), or is not specified (none). The default value is none.
ports integer   optional read/write Specifies one or more ports (up to 8) on which traffic is redirected.
priority integer 100 optional read/write Specifies the precedence of the service group relative to the other service groups. The range is from 1 to 255. The default value is 100.
protocol string tcp optional read/write Specifies the protocol of the traffic to be redirected: TCP or UDP. The default value is tcp.
redirectionMethod string gre optional read/write Specifies the method the router uses to redirect traffic: GRE or L2. The default value is gre.
returnMethod string gre optional read/write Specifies the method used to return pass-through traffic to the router: GRE or L2. The default value is gre.
routers string   optional read/write Specifies the IP addresses of the WCCP-enabled routers that redirect traffic.
trafficAssign string hash optional read/write Specifies whether load balancing is achieved by a hash algorithm or a mask. If you specify hash, specify one or more attributes using the option hash-fields.
tunnelLocalAddress string   optional read/write Specifies an IP address on the BIG-IP system to which the WCCP-enabled routers should redirect traffic. Specify a self IP address of an external VLAN on the BIG-IP system.
tunnelRemoteAddresses string   optional read/write Specifies the Router Identifier IP address of the router that redirects traffic.
weight integer 50 optional read/write Specifies the relative importance of this traffic in a load balancing environment. The range is from 1 to 100. The default value is 50.
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