PKCS12 configuration

REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/sys/crypto/pkcs12/~resource id
Resource Methods
Resource Natural Key


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
command string install required write Use “command”:”install” as the first line of JSON used to install the certificate (PUT or POST method)
appService string   optional read/write  
consumer string ltm optional read/write Specifies the TMOS component which will be making use of this.
fromLocalFile string   optional read/write Obtain the object from a local file on disk.
fromUrl string   optional read/write Obtain the object from a remote server via the specified URL.
keyPassphrase string   optional read/write Passphrase that the installed key is encrypted with.
keySecurityType string normal optional read/write Specifies the desired security type of the installed key.
passphrase string   optional read/write Passphrase that the pkcs12 file is encrypted with.
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