Route configuration for the management interface

REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/sys/management-route/~resource id
Resource Methods
Resource Natural Key
name, subPath


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
appService string   optional read/write The application service that the object belongs to.
description string   optional read/write User defined description.
gateway string   optional read/write Specifies that the system forwards packets to the destination through the gateway with the specified IP address.
mtu integer 1500 optional read/write Specifies the maximum transmission unit (MTU) for the management interface. The value of the MTU is the largest size that the BIG-IP system allows for an IP datagram passing through the management interface.
network string   optional read/write The destination subnet and netmask. You may also specify default or default-inet6.
type string gateway optional read/write Specifies that traffic should be delivered to the management interface (interface) or be dropped by the system (blackhole).
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