Introduced : ARX V6.00.000
A structure that contains the details of a volume.
Member Type Description
description String The volume description.
dir_count long Total number of directories in the volume.
file_count long Total number of files on the volume.
file_max_free long Maximum number of file credits on the volume.
file_max_reserve long Maximum number of reserved file credits for the volume.
free_space long Free space available on the volume.
name String The path that represents the name of the volume.
namespace String The namespace name that contains the volume.
share_count long The number of shares in the volume.
status ARXStatusType The status of the volume.
total_space long Total space on the volume.
type VolumeType The volume type.
cifs_access_based_enum boolean Enable/disable the access-based enumeration checking of its shares.
cifs_access_based_enum_auto_enable boolean Enable/disable access-based-enum consistency checking when shares are enabled.
volume_group long The volume group number.

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