Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.4.0
The classification methods have some signatures, and these signatures change with time. For example, the signatures to identify the Skype traffic working now may not work later. Thus the classification signatures need to be updated. This signature update version interface enables you to configure the versions for classification signature updates. In more detail, the update time and version number of the last updated classification signature can be shown. Please specify the following key in all methods in the interface: &apos/Common/version-info&apos.


Method Description Introduced
get_list Gets a list of all signature update versions. BIG-IP_v11.4.0
get_update_time Gets the update times for the specified signature update versions. An update time specifies the time when the last classification signature is updated. BIG-IP_v11.4.0
get_version Gets the version information for this interface. BIG-IP_v11.4.0
get_version_number Gets the version numbers (in strings) for the specified signature update versions. A version number specifies the version of the last updated classification signature. An example version number looks like: “version-number 7”; the higher the number (in string) is, the newer the version is. BIG-IP_v11.4.0


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